Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I have started a new online Bible study that I am very excited about.  It is Lies Women Believe at the Women's Bible Study Cafe. The book, Lies Women Believe is by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I have a two-fold purpose for this study. First, to search out and remove any lies that I have believed, and second, to be able to help other women that I come across. I see so many hurting and disappointed women that are believing the lies that the world dishes up to them. I have been one of them. It is always the Truth that sets us free. 

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They call me Deb said...

We women sure do believe a lot of lies - from the time we were toddlers.
I'm thankful for books like this to help women understand who they are in Jesus and that they don't have to accept and live those lies.
Hope you enjoy your study, and I look forward to seeing how the Lord works through it in your life.