Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Old Mantle Clock

Along my way today...I finally found someone to repair my mantle clock. My mom gave it to me a few years ago and it has set on my mantle without running all this time. So I was thrilled when I met Katherine that knows how to fix old clocks. She says it may take a little while for her to look at it and get it cleaned and to know what needs fixing. If any parts are missing or broken, she may even have to make parts. I can't wait to hear what it sounds like when it chimes! Can anyone tell me about how old it is?

My love for old clocks began when I was a child. My grandma's Aunt Mandy and Uncle Tee had an old mantle clock that sat on their mantle over their fireplace. There was a picture on the face of this clock that depicted an old lady and an old man sitting in rocking chairs on each side of a fireplace with a warm fire blazing. In the room, Aunt Mandy and Uncle Tee would be sitting on each side of their fireplace with a warm fire blazing just underneath their clock sitting on the mantle. They looked just like the picture on the face of their clock. As a child, the whole scene looked enchanting.

The second clock belonged to another old man named either Jasper or Elijah. Funny thing that I can't remember which name belonged to him. He was my friend Kathy's great uncle and he lived with her and her family. He had a long white beard that I liked to touch. I remember him being very kind. On a table in his bedroom, he had an old Anniversary Clock. Underneath the clear glass dome I could see all the workings of the insides. That was mesmerizing to a little girl.

And that's how my love affair with clocks began.

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