Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Question Asked

Yesterday evening I posted a "just wondering" question on facebook. It was a question I have always wanted to ask men. I asked "Just many of you guys have actually studied Proverbs 31:10-31?" As of today at 1:30 not one single man has responded. I am actually suprised and a little puzzled. So, what does this tell me? Have none of them done so and don't want to admit it? Or, have they done so and don't want to admit it?

It has been my observation in life that we, male and female, study the subjects that are of great interest and importance to us. It may be our career, a hobby, history, politics or a sport. And being Christians, the Word of God is of greatest importance to us. We study what God has to say about salvation, Heaven and hell, love, and many other subjects. Most of us have a few favorites that we may study about more than others.

The question I'm getting at with this is for the men, all men...fathers, husbands, preachers, married, those who want to get married, grandfathers, etc. All of you have a woman in your, wife, daugther, niece, grandaugther. She is very important to you. Is she? Do you study women? Do you know how she feels about things? Do you know her God-given responsibilities and roles in life? Do you know what is important to her?

Well, I was just wondering. Hopefully I will have a follow up on this later if there are any responses to my facebook post.