Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday School Lesson

Our Sunday school lesson today was the story of Esther and her courage. I asked the class to turn to the book of Esther. When one of the boys, Marcus, (5th grader) found the first chapter, the last verse of Nehemiah, the book just before Esther, caught his eye. He says loudly, "We're not suppose to say that, and it's in the Bible!" Well, of course, I had to look to see what he was reading and the last part of the verse says "Remember me, O my God, for good."

I knew right away what Marcus was referring too. A few weeks ago we had a few lessons on the names of God and one of the things we talked about was taking the Lord's name in vain and how not say His name with disrespect. One of the common phrases that we mentioned was "Oh my God".

I had to chuckle, but we had a short re-cap of what the phrase meant and how it is a good phrase to use as it is used in this verse. I am so glad to know that they really do listen to our studies.

Every week I prepare for a specific lesson, but I'm never quite sure which direction that day's discussion may lead us. I love every minute of teaching these kids. I am not the best or most knowledgeable teacher in the world, but because of that I rely heavily on the Lord and let Him do the teaching through me. He has taken us down some amazing paths.

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Shay said...

It's so important to understand that when we do or say things...people are really listening and taking in either our words or actions. Like the little boy in your Sunday School class. Thank you for sharing and reminding people of that important but often overlooked fact.